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📣 New feature alert: central dashboard for out-of-office notes — exclusively in the Enterprise Plan

New Admin Feature

We are excited to introduce a brand-new feature exclusive to our Enterprise Plan: a central dashboard for managing all employee out-of-office notes.


🔹 What's new?

In the standard plan, individual users can set their own out-of-office notes. The new dashboard in the Enterprise Plan allows administrators to:

- Create uniform out-of-office notes for the entire team

- Automatically populate these notes in each employee's Outlook profile when they are away

- Use placeholders for personalized details such as expected return date or current supervisor


🔹 How do I activate this feature?

After purchasing the Enterprise Plan, you can find this setting under `Settings / Integration / Out-of-Office Note`.


🔹 Why is this important?

- Increases operational efficiency

- Enables clearer and more consistent communication


🔒 This advanced feature is only available in the Enterprise Plan.


We are confident that this new feature will add significant value to your organization. Should you have any questions or require further information, our customer service team is always available.