Feature Ideas

Feature suggestions for absentify.com 🚀

  1. Year starting in different days

    The activities of our organization follow the academic year (e.g. Sep 2021 - Aug 2022). There could be an option to change the carry forward date. Please consider it.

    Luiz S
    #Improvement 👍


  2. Cancellation of individual days

    It should be possible to cancel individual days of vacation (instead of just the whole vacation). This should also be possible for managers and admins for past holidays. One implementation idea would be to be able to choose between the entire vacation and individual days when canceling vacation, and then select these specifically.

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  3. Recurring events/appointments as a series

    Would like to be able to create a series of an appointment/s like Outlook allows us to.

    Aziz, Masi | f
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  4. Overtime and recovery hours

    Allow overtime to be added in a separate counter and then the emplyees can subtract the recup hours from this.

    Quincy Van K
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  5. create multiple days at one time for leave that are not consecutive

    Allows employees to block off days that are consistently off for months at a time - ex: I want to request "remote" days every Mon and Wed for the next 3 months. When make a request could have somethings similar to how you schedule recurring meetings / events in MS Outlook

    Mary S


  6. Set absent minimum value to 1 hour

    The minimum unit for setting absences should be set to 1 hour.

    Davide C
    #Improvement 👍


  7. More than one approver

    Currently, only one approver can be defined for a request. In the future it will be possible to define one or more approvers. The sequence can also be defined. And whether it is sufficient if one of the approvers approves or if all of them have to approve. The applicant can see exactly where his application currently stands.

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  8. Email reminders to approve holiday

    When a manager misses the first request to approve holiday, a follow up email would be useful after a day or two as a reminder.

    Laura E


  9. Push holiday leave for ALL employees into a shared outlook calendar

    We are a small team so it would useful to have all employees annual leave in one outlook calendar for a quicker cross reference when booking meetings etc.

    Laura E
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  10. Implementing in SharePoint

    Companies that use SharePoint as an intranet platform would have to use absentify as a separate tool in teams which is not the ideal way for consistency. For companies with an intranet platform, it would be great if absentify could also be integrated as a web part in SharePoint.

    Marvin B
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  11. Planned absence

    Provide possibility to " plan " absences (display as " planned absence "). Or display absences that have not yet started as "planned" in the individual contingent overview.

    #Improvement 👍


  12. Show absence in the shift planner

    Is synchronization with the Microsoft shift planner possible and if not, is this option planned?

    Oliver F


  13. Notify admin when holiday is approved

    Would be useful for the HR admin to know that holiday has been booked. Either as a notification in the app or via email.

    Laura E


  14. Email notification for employees, if the manager enters holiday time for employees or change the date of a request

    Email to employee when manager enters a leave or changes the leave period Currently, an email is only sent when the request goes through the employee. However, if it is rejected because it is not possible to take leave at that time, or the leave is postponed for a week, the employee will not receive an email notification. But this information is quit useful for the employee to make a clear communication about vacation time.

    #Improvement 👍


  15. Ability to change Public Holiday icon

    The public holiday icon shoud be customizable, just as the leave types are. The current color is too similar to the weekends. It's not so clear.

    Lorin D
    #Improvement 👍#Styling 🎨