New updates and improvements to absentify

  1. Synchronize other calendars (e.g. Outlook Shared Calendar)

    New Admin Feature
    New Feature

    You can now synchronize additional calendars in the business-plan. E.g. one or more Outlook shared calendars or keep any calendar in sync via an iCal invitation, e.g. a Google calendar.


    You can select an Outlook calendar on which you have write permissions. You can choose from which department the absences will be synchronized to this selected calendar. Likewise, you can also set a filter for only certain leave types. Furthermore, you can also configure the display name of the absence individually.

    If you do not have the possibility to give absentify, the rights that we can write directly into the Outlook calendar. If you can specify an email address, then we send a calendar invitation by email with the same functions. (There is an option in many calendars to automatically accept invitations from specific people).

    If you have any further ideas or suggestions for improvement, feel free to write us here:

    In the business-plan, you have one synchronization configuration included. If you want to fill multiple calendars, you can buy an add-on.


  2. Microsoft is promoting us πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³

    New Admin Feature
    New Feature

    We are proud that absentify is currently being promoted by Microsoft in the Microsoft Teams Store (Germany). 🎈🍾

    MicrosoftTeams-image (12)MicrosoftTeams-image (13)

    Thanks to the great feedback and the many users currently using absentify, Microsoft has selected absentify from many apps.

    We have you to thank for that! β™₯οΈπŸ™Œ


  3. We areΒ GDPR-compliant

    New Admin Feature
    New Feature

    absentify makes privacy and security a priority, and we fully comply with EU-wide privacy and data protection law and always aim to keep your data safe.


    We have always developed and designed absentify with data privacy in mind and have therefore always been GDPR-compliant, we have now jsut detailed our privacy policy and how we process your data.


    Consequently, data security is also a key issue for us, and we have developed and established various technical and organizational measures for this purpose and your protection:

    • Secure Data Transfer
    • All your data between all technical components is transferred encrypted via HTTPS and 256Bit SSL certificate. So that no third party can access your data when it is transferred.

    • Monitoring
    • Our services are 99% available, see here:

      We do everything we can to ensure that absentify is always available, even if we apply updates, you will be not notice.

    • Backup
    • We backup your data every 12 hours and keep it for 2 days. Furthermore, we also create an additional backup before each major update. The backups are encrypted. We test the rollback regularly to avoid any difficulties in case of emergency.

    • Reliable Data Center
    • All services run on high-performance and always available fully managed 24/7 services, provided by AWS. In doing so, AWS ensures state-of-the-art compliance with all necessary security measures in their data centers, which can be compared to high-end-security facilities.

    • Payment
    • We use as our payment provider, we do not have access to your payment method or payment details. Thus, your data is processed at the highest banking standard.

    • Best practices of SaaS security
    • All your HR data is stored role-based. Data can only be viewed by the specific people who are allowed to. We always keep an eye on SQL injections and other technical possibilities and prevent this.

    • And many other measures
    • In addition, we have, of course, taken a variety of other measures to ensure the protection of your personal data. To list them all here would go beyond the scope of this article. But you can be sure that we have taken all the necessary steps.

    If you have any further questions or feedback about this, feel free to write us here:


  4. New Feature: A user can be in several departments

    New Admin Feature

    We have enabled a new feature. Employees can now be in multiple departments. So you can map any company structure to absentify.


    A user can be in several departments

    If you set the permission that a user sees only his department. It can be useful to set a user in several departments so that he can also see other departments - But not all. But it must be defined which department is the default department. From this department, the allowance is used and the maximum absence.




  5. Insights are available

    New Admin Feature
    New Feature

    We have published the Insights! πŸš€


    As an absentify administrator or manager of a department, you can now view the insights of your departments.

    See how much remaining budget your employees have.

    See who has a birthday or company anniversary coming up.

    On the burn-out board, you can see exactly which employee should go on vacation again!

    We are looking forward to your feedback.

    🀫 For a short time only, we have a discount on the Business Plan. Depending on how long you have been with absentify, you get a great bonus. Check it out and don't miss this unique promotion! 🎁


  6. Automatic out-of-office replies

    New Admin Feature
    New Feature

    absentify makes your life even easier!

    When you go on vacation, you don't have to think about your Outlook out of office note anymore! πŸ™Œ


    Have you ever forgotten to set your out-of-office message in Outlook, and then had people emailing you while you were away? Well, fear no more! With absentify, you can enable automatic out-of-office replies in Outlook, so that people will know you're away even if you forget to set the message yourself.

    Here's how it works:Β 

    On the day you're absent, absentify will automatically set your out-of-office message in Outlook, based on your working hours. When you're back from your vacation, the message will be turned off again. You can also customize your out-of-office message for each leave type individually with placeholders so that it will look just the way you want it.

    Documentation for admins

    Documentation for users

    If you have any ideas or suggestions for improvement, please let us know here:


    Create automatic out of office replies in Outlook

    So that internal, as well as external employees, know that you are absent, you can store an absence note in Outlook. This note is also displayed in Microsoft Teams. But it is often the case that you forget to set it. absentify will set it for you in the future. On the same day you are absent, depending on your working hours, absentify will do the setting. When you are back from your vacation, the note will be turned off again. Every employee can configure his own template how the absentify message should look like. Thereby placeholders are available for him.




  7. We've just launched our paid plans

    New Admin Feature

    We're building the commercial engine for absentify.

    You can't subscribe yet, but we want to be more transparent to our users to better make the decision for or against absentify.

    Don't worry, we keep our promises, all features available today will remain free in the future. If the features of today are enough for you, you will never receive a bill from absentify.

    We are launching with 3 plans...

    1. Free
    2. Startup
    3. Enterprise

    On all paid plans, you also have the ability to purchase Add-ons.

    What's an Add-on?

    Add-ons are features that give your absentify account some extra power.

    Currently, we are working on 4 Add-ons:

    1. Departments - In the Free Plan you have 2 departments, in the Startup Plan 5 and with this add-on, you can book additional departments.
    2. More than one Manager - The Free version allows specifying exactly one manager. This manager must approve or reject the absence request. But if you need a process that the request must be checked by several approvers, you can book this add-on. You can also specify the order and whether all must approve or only one.
    3. Representative logic - If the absence in your company must always start with the search of a substitute, you need this add-on. The Leave Type stipulates that the applicant must first find a substitute, who must also confirm this. Only then the request goes to the manager.
    4. Shared Outlook Calendar Sync - The normal Outlook synchronization synchronizes the absences of the applicant in his own Outlook calendar. If you want to synchronize the absences of the Leave Type to a shared Outlook calendar, you can book this as an add-on.

    All plans will come with all the core features as well as many more we are either currently building, or in planning.

    Check out the features ->

    There are also many features to come for the Free Plan.

    Were you an Early Bird User?

    If you were, then thank you for helping us test and build absentify. You will get the Unlimited Departments add-on for free. You will never have to pay for a department in absentify, and you can create as many as you want. You rock!


  8. The absence of the department manager in the team overview

    New Admin Feature
    New Feature

    The department manager is now also displayed in the team overview. Thus, the department users also see the absence of their manager, even if he is not in the same department.


    Team should see when manager is off

    It is always a good thing for team members to see when their managers are on leave.

    Paul W



  9. Even better privacy setting

    New Admin Feature

    To build better permission structures, you can now set whether departments can see each other. You can set that department members can't see the calendars of other departments.

    Additionally, there is a new idea that users can be in multiple departments: see here


    Privacy: Restricts users to only seeing the calendar of their own department

    Restricts users to only seeing the calendar of their own department



    Give us feedback on what you think.


  10. Import / bulk upload of users

    New Admin Feature

    It is now possible to invite many users to absentify at once. To accomplish this, you can download an Excel template, fill it and then upload it back to absentify. All users will be invited to absentify and the right department at once.


    users import from list or csv

    That would be an easy way to import the company users or ldap connection would be great!

    Szalay Z