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Admin-friendly absence cancellation!

New Admin Feature

You talk, we listen! Based on your fantastic suggestions, we've added a cool new feature: department managers can now cancel old absence requests.


Manager need to cancel a old request

Hello, I think there should be an option in the settings to allow the manager of the department to correct an old day. If only an administrator can make this change it takes a lot of administrator time.

Carl P
Shipped 🚀


How does it work? Just go to Settings / General under Privacy & Permissions and enable the "Retroactive absence cancellation by department manager" toggle. Just like that, your department managers have more control and can take a load off your admins.


Keep in mind, regular employees can still only cancel their future absence requests. And don't worry, every cancellation triggers an email to everyone involved, so everything stays transparent.


Give this new feature a try and let us know what you think!