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Customize the 'Reason for Absence' Field

New Admin Feature

📣 New Feature Alert: Users can now customize Absence Reasons!


We are excited to announce a new feature that makes managing absences even more flexible and user-friendly.


What's New?

- Administrators can now centrally customize the 'Reason for Absence' field.

- This field can be set as mandatory, if necessary.

- A 'Hint Text' can be defined to guide users while filling out this field.

- These settings can be individually configured for each leave type.

- Only absentify administrators, relevant department managers, and approvers who need to approve the leave request can see the 'Reason for Absence'. It will not be synchronized with the Outlook Calendar.


How Does It Work?

Simply navigate to the "Leave Type" settings page, where you can customize the 'Reason for Absence' field.


We hope this new feature further simplifies the planning and management of absences within your organization.


Thank you for your ongoing support as we aim to continually improve absentify for our users!