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Introducing hourly leave

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We're excited to unveil absentify's latest update: Hourly Leave! This addition offers flexibility and accuracy in managing leave, allowing employees and managers to track absences in minutes, hours, or days. Here’s what you can look forward to with this feature:


Customized Leave Types

Gain control by customizing leave types to be deducted in the precise amount of time needed, ensuring efficient management and tracking of leave within your organization.


Detailed Leave Management

Hourly leave requests enable employees to book time off for brief periods, like a doctor's appointment, without needing to take a full day. This supports a more flexible and understanding work environment.


Seamless Integration

Linking a leave type to an hour-based allowance automatically updates the specific allowance, maintaining accuracy and consistency in leave tracking.


Easy Administration

Administrators can make individual allowance adjustments to accommodate unique situations or changes in employee status.


Visual Calendar Indicators

Entries booked outside regular hours are highlighted with orange corner alerts in the calendar, ensuring all absences are easily visible without overwhelming the view.


This feature aims to streamline your leave management process, providing clarity and simplicity for both your team and management. It supports your organization's needs, whether adapting to unexpected events or planning for scheduled absences.


Plan Availability:

This feature is available in our Business and Enterprise plans, ensuring organizations of all sizes can benefit from this flexibility.


For more information on setting up and using the Hourly Leave feature, please consult our support documentation or contact our dedicated support team. We're here to help make your transition to this new feature smooth and beneficial for your whole organization.


Step into the future of leave management with absentify's Hourly Leave feature – because we know every minute matters. Happy scheduling!