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New Privacy Settings - Enhanced Privacy for Employees

New Admin Feature

We are excited to inform you that we have improved and expanded our privacy settings. From now on, you have two new privacy settings options available to better protect your employees' privacy.



Hide past absences:

With this setting, you can determine that regular employees can no longer view their colleagues' absences in the past. Future absences will remain visible. This has the advantage of preventing employees from drawing conclusions, such as calculating the number of sick days. Managers, approvers, and admins will continue to have full access to their employees' past absences.


Individual annual overviews:

Another setting allows you to specify that regular employees can only view their own annual overview with all their absences. Managers, approvers, and admins will still have access to the annual overviews of all employees they supervise.


We hope that these new privacy settings will help you protect your employees' privacy while ensuring information sharing within the team. If you have any questions or suggestions, we are always here to help.


We would appreciate your feedback on these new settings. Please share your thoughts with us at:


Privacy: Restrict users to only see current and future calendar of other users

Privacy of previous dates taken. User would only have the ability to see their own prior PTO dates.

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Thank you for using absentify, and good luck implementing these new privacy settings!