Feature Ideas

Feature suggestions for absentify.com 🚀

  1. Cancellation of individual days

    It should be possible to cancel individual days of vacation (instead of just the whole vacation). This should also be possible for managers and admins for past holidays. One implementation idea would be to be able to choose between the entire vacation and individual days when canceling vacation, and then select these specifically.

    #Improvement 👍


  2. The ability to change your absence markings without cancelling them

    I would like to see an option to change your absence markings without cancelling them. I.e. when you try to change (shift) your vacation, you have to cancel the whole thing and start over.

    Vaintola J
    #Improvement 👍


  3. Company holidays

    Every Year, the whole company has closed for several days (e.g., Christmas vacation) I would be very nice when the admin / manager can define these holiday for the complete company or his department. Of course, these days has to be subtracted from the holiday contingent of each staff member.

    Daniel J
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  4. Email Reports

    Receive a daily or weekly email notification of who is absent.

    Marc Hochleutner
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  5. Dark Mode!

    If would be great to have a Dark Mode option... It's the in thing these days and looks cool!

    James A
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  6. See who is already off when opening requests

    When the approver receives a time off request, it would be handy to see who else already has that time off when they open the request.

    Kristi L


  7. Recurring events/appointments as a series

    Would like to be able to create a series of an appointment/s like Outlook allows us to.

    Aziz, Masi | f
    #Improvement 👍


  8. Canceling an absence must also be approved

    When a user wants to cancel an absence, the approver must also accept or refuse the cancellation

    Carl P


  9. A list of birthdays and reminders to management 1 week before

    Managers will know of staff birthdays a week before and can remember to get a card basically! It would be helpful to have the option where, birthdays count as a day off for the employee, block the day out automatically, but without deducting from annual leave allowance.

    Steven M


  10. Absences spread over two different years

    Provide ability to request absences spread over two different years (e.g., 12/17/2022 to 01/05/2023).

    Tanja V
    #Improvement 👍


  11. Select more than one leave type when setting up the out of office message

    Currently, it is only possible to select one type of leave when setting up the out of office message. It would be helpful if users could select more than one leave type when updating the out of office message if the template is the same.

    Kelly von B
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  12. Overtime and recovery hours

    Allow overtime to be added in a separate counter and then the emplyees can subtract the recup hours from this.

    Quincy Van K
    #Improvement 👍


  13. Upload attachments to each request

    For example, if you're booking time off as a sick day, you can include a photo of a doctor's note. 🤢 Only admin and the manager can see this attachment.

    Marc Hochleutner
    #Improvement 👍#Business Plan 🏷


  14. Planned absence

    Provide possibility to " plan " absences (display as " planned absence "). Or display absences that have not yet started as "planned" in the individual contingent overview.

    Tanja V
    #Improvement 👍


  15. request is pending till approved

    User request for holiday should not change their allowance balance until the request is approved. plus the icon should be a pending request icon which changes to an approved request icon help the user visually see if their request has been approved - they may miss the email.

    Stevan A